Arestin/Local Antibiotic Gum Treatment

You may have heard about gum disease, also known as “periodontitis” or “periodontal disease.” Maybe a dental professional or hygienist recently told you that you have this infection.

But do you really know the difference between periodontal disease and other types of complications that can affect your mouth, such as gingivitis? Do you know why it’s so important to treat periodontal disease-and why brushing and flossing alone won’t do the trick? Most importantly, did you know that periodontal disease is today’s #1 cause of tooth loss among American adults? Or that, although a causal relationship between periodontal disease and an elevated risk for systemic events has not been established,recent data suggest a possible association between periodontal disease and other health issues including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and preterm low birth-weight babies?

Fight infection right where it starts

ARESTIN (minocycline hydrochloride) Microspheres, 1 mg is an effective antibiotic treatment that comes in powder form. This powder is placed inside infected periodontal pockets just after the dental professional finishes the scaling and root planing (SRP) procedure. The infected area then receives antibiotic treatment for a full30 days. This allows the newly treated periodontal pocket the time it needs to heal and shrink.

For detailed information on ARESTIN please visit a site created “just for you” the patient, in terms that are easy to understand along with color images andinformative video. On this site you can explore details on how ARESTIN works, how it is placed, what are the benefits and FAQ (frequently ask questions). We encourage our patients to be informed consumers.

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